Janet Green Art - Jewelry and Jewelry Classes

New lines and designs are in progress and being brought out all the time.  A new Jewelry class has been formed and is accepting both adults and students at this time.

Wire Wrap Adult Jewelry Class with Janet Green

Starts May 9, 2018
Wednesday 4:30 - 7:30 pm
Contact me for details, call or text:   832-646-6923

Janet has been designing jewelry for many years. Customers include friends, co-workers and jewelry stores. She is now making these exclusive designs available to the general public.

Janet can design and make any special item of any quality that one might desire. Contact her for a design appointment and consultation.

Jewelry Classes:   Our next class is on May 9, 2018 and will be fun and productive. You will be able to take the piece with you to enjoy and learn more techniques for your own use and design.

Previous April 25, 2018 Wire Wrapped Class - it was fun!

Examples of different types of hand made original pieces by Janet.

Amazonite, labradorite pearl

Bamboo Coral Amethyst

Mobe Pearl

Jasper Coral

Garnet Pink Druzy